Welcome to the County of Summit Health & Wellness page! Get the latest news, information and events below. The SummitFit South Fitness Facilities is now open from 7:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, excluding weekends, Holiday's and special events. The SummitFit North Fitness Facilities operates 24-7, excluding weekends, Holiday's and special events. The Wellness Team is available from 7:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

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Well-being is the main focus for our employees, their dependents and/or spouses/partners. The Wellness Team’s Core Values are to encourage, involve and increase health and wellness participation amongst employees. This will allow the employees to focus on a sound body, mind and spirit.

Mission Statement 
Our Wellness Team promotes a health-giving environment for all County of Summit Employees, including mental well-being, physical, financial, and nutritional health. We offer health and wellness programs, County fitness facilities, and multiple discounts, amongst other things, which are at little to no cost to the employee.

Vision Statement
Our Wellness Team wants to create a healthy environment for all County of Summit Employees. The goal is to offer health and wellness programs valuable to all employees without it being a financial burden to the employee and the County.

Take a look at some of the opportunities the Division of Employee Benefits has for Employees by reviewing the information below and clicking on the link.

For more information, please contact the Division of Employee Benefits, Wellness Team.
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , Wellness Coordinator 
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , Benefits Administrator

Enjoy a new and healthier lifestyle!

County Health & Wellness Events    |    County Health & Wellness Calendar

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Health & Wellness Events

Health & Wellness Calendar

Health & Wellness Activities 

Downtown Akron Partnership Wellness Activities

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Motivation, Fit at Any Age...Amazing Humans: Ernestine-BBC

Diversity, Inclusion & Equity: Moving to Action in Your Business

Racial and Gender Disparities (Headspace)

In this Together: Managing Mindfully through times of Crisis (Headspace)

9 Healthy Foods that Lift Your Mood

Exercising Before Bed

Symptoms of Heat Stroke

Protect your Skin

Symptoms of Dehydration

Identifying Bug Bites

Mindfulness and Meditation Guides for Beginners

Mindfulness Daily at Work - Tara Brach & Jack Kornfield 

Six Pillars of Wellbeing - Deepak Chopra

Health is your Natural State - Dr. John Bergman

Change Your Thought Process - Tiny Buddha

Health Benefits of Garlic - Dr. Oz

Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing through Creativity - Vanessa Boachie

Holistic Health & Healing - Monthly Sound Healing Zoom

Live Life Better - aCast

Medical Mutual - Fitness Tips & Workouts

Reflexology Pressure Points 

Empathy vs. Sympathy-Dr. Brené Brown

Tuesdays with Morrie Albom Podcast 




Eating Well


Food & Nutrition


Health & Wellness


Mantra Wellness

Men's Health

New York-Health & Wellness


Women's Health

Yoga Journal 



1. How do I enroll in Virgin Pulse?
Once you have enrolled for County Benefits, your information will take up to 4-weeks to be built into the Virgin Pulse platform. After the grace period, you will be able to set your account by using your personal information and County credentials. The Virgin Pulse website you will visit is http://join.virginpulse.com/Summit. The User & Engagement Guide is available on the Virgin Pulse page. Enjoy the Virgin Pulse Experience!

2. How do I receive my Virgin Pulse money once I have earned points?
If you choose the Advantage Plan or the MedFlex plan, your money will be placed on an HRA Card from TASC. If you choose the Maximum Value Plan with the HSA, money will be deposited into your HSA account through TASC.

User and Engagement Guide to Virgin Pulse  

3. Is my spouse able to earn money through Virgin Pulse?
Yes, Spouses are able to earn points to equate to dollars as well as the employee. The funds for both you and your spouse are put together on the same TASC debit card or are deposited into your HSA, depending on what plan you are enrolled in. Please note, spouses are not eligible to earn money for signing the nicotine agreement or participating in Wellbeats. These are an employee only benefits.

As of 2022, Domestic Partners are no longer covered under our Benefits and unable to participate in our Virgin Pulse program to earn Rewards. 

User and Engagement Guide to Virgin Pulse  

4. Does my Virgin Pulse money roll over from year to year? If you choose the Advantage Plan or the MedFlex plan, you are able to roll over $1000 for those on a single plan or $2000 for those on a family plan. If you are enrolled in the Maximum Value Plan, your money will remain in your account as that account is your personal account. If you are going from the Advantage plan to the Maximum Value Plan, you will forfeit any Virgin Pulse money that is currently in your HRA account. 

5. How do I submit information to Virgin Pulse to receive rewards that are not offered through the County such as routine service rewards?
On the Virgin Pulse platform, go to “Benefits”, select “View All” and choose the topic related to the documentation you are submitting. Be sure to use the proper file type and file size recommended.

The PCP form is available on the Virgin Pulse application and is submitted through the Virgin Pulse platform. Please read the form for directions.

User and Engagement Guide to Virgin Pulse 

6. Fitness Trackers Purchases (https://scene.summitoh.net/index.php/employee-benefits/vitality)
Fitness Trackers are available on the Virgin Pulse website. Most fitness trackers work with Virgin Pulse, either directly or indirectly through other smartphone apps (i.e. MyFitnessPal). If you purchase a fitness tracker outside of the Virgin Pulse website, be sure the device is compatible with the program.

Insurance Benefits > Virgin Pulse

TASC card cannot be used to purchase items on Virgin Pulse website or to purchase any fitness tracking device. TASC information can be viewed through the Insurance Plans enrollment year section, under "Flexible Spending and Health Reimbursement Accounts" on the intranet SCENE


7. Facility Discounts (https://scene.summitoh.net/index.php/employee-benefits/health-a-fitness-programs)
Updated information will be posted on the intranet SCENE, under Insurance Benefits > Health & Fitness > Participating Facilities 


8. SummitFit Fitness Facility Waiver (https://scene.summitoh.net/index.php/employee-benefits/health-a-fitness-programs)
Insurance Benefits > Health & Fitness > Fitness Facilities and Classes 


9. SummitFit Fitness Facility Equipment Information (https://scene.summitoh.net/index.php/employee-benefits/health-a-fitness-programs)
Insurance Benefits > Health & Fitness > SummitFit Equipment


10. Virgin Pulse Point System
Please review the guide under the intranet SCENE link called Earning Points and Rewards

Insurance Benefits > Virgin Pulse

11. Non-Smoking Incentives
The 2019 incentives for non-smokers, the employee will earn 250 points with an additional 50 points.  For those who are looking to stop smoking, Ease@Work is available via website or phone.

12. Fitness Facilities Participation Points
Virgin Pulse gives employees points for working out by tracking your activities with a fitness tracker. This is more effective, as previously, not all facilities were recognized by the program and employees who did not workout at a participating fitness facility would not receive the extra (check-in) points.  If someone would rather use the trails, instead of visiting the gym they get their points through tracking only.  Virgin Pulse allows for a clean cut point system across the board.


13. Fitness Classes
The in-person fitness classes are placed at locations centrally located and available to all employees. Each class is selected by the amount participation and the type of facility being used (i.e. supplies weights). All classes are to hit an average 9-10 participants. If the attendance is low, those classes must be cancelled, as they are not a cost to the employee, however, they are at a cost to the County.

If you are able to get at least 12-15 people signed up for a class at a centralized location (available to all County Employees), we will find a way to bring a class to you if available through the organization.


We have adopted a virtual platform allowing employees to participate in fitness, nutrition and wellbeing classes on a 24-hour basis, 7-days a week. 

Please look at the Virgin Pulse guide to get information on points.

User and Engagement Guide to Virgin Pulse 


14. Lunch and Learns

The Lunch and Learns are a free for employees. The topics are chosen by either the vendor, Wellness Team or suggested by an employee. You must attend the entire L&L to receive points. Since the pandemic, we have moved to a virtual platform, making it easier for all County Employees to attend. 

Please review the Virgin Pulse guide to get information on points.



Health Fair Website

Health Fair Keynote Speakers



Akron-Summit County Public Library

General Library Information

Library Locations and Hours

Apply for a Library Card

1000 Books Before Kindergarten

Homework Help Website


Cleveland Clinic Akron General

CCAG website

County of Summit Discount


Davis Vision 


Exclusive Collection

Hearing Air Discount

ID Card Replacement

Lasik Services

Mobile App

Online Retailer 1-800 Contacts

Online Retailer Glasses

2021 Plan Summary


Downtown Akron Partnership (DAP)

DAP Services

Get Involved



LifeExpert Android App

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Core Service

Discount Marketplace


Legal Financial

Life Coaching

Medical Advocacy

Personal Assist

Ask the Coach

WorkLife Resources
Supervisors - Cultivate True Happiness at Work


Empower Retirement

Deferred Compensation Retirement Readiness

CCAO Plan Highlights

Roth 457 Option


Insight Financial Associates

Aetna Recovery Care

IRA - Investing and Rollovers

Life Insurance

NYL Extended Illness Planning

Overview of Services


Medical Mutual of Ohio

Chronic Condition Managment

EOB Guide

Fitness Discounts

Make the Most of your Membership

Mobile App

My Care Compare

Nurse Line

QuitLine Member


WW Member



Aflac Accidental

Aflac Critical Illness

Aflac Hospital

Aflac Product Videos


Trustmark UL-W

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Ohio Deferred Compensation

Phone Appointments

EZ Enrollment

Professor Penny Discusses the Benefits of Enrolling





Summit Federal Credit Union

Checking Products

Insurance Protection

Loan Options

Other Perks

Remote Accessibility

Savings Products
Welcome to SFCU


Summit Metro Parks

Birds Quiz

Eye Spy 

Field Guide - Spring Mushrooms

How to start Seeds

Good vs Bad Bugs

Green Islands - Jan|Feb 2021




SWEET Life (Summa)

Online Yoga

Online Zumba

SWEETLife Program



Participant (PUX) Web Island

TASC FSA Participant Benefits

TASC FSA Eligible Expenses

MyCash Account Education

TASC Participant Request Reimbursement Flyer

Universal Benefit Account Access

UBA Participant Reference Guide


Virgin Pulse | Wellbeats

Information Sheet

Welcome to Wellbeats 

Wellbeats Channels Catalog


YMCA (Kohl's | Summa)

Group Exercise Schedule

Membership Rates

KFY Swim and Program Schedule

Health Fair Employee Experience (Due by March 17, 2021)


Deferred Comp Weekly Webinars


Marketplace Discounts

Fifth Third Bank

Jennifer Kairis, Membership Advantage Relationship Manager
(440) 230-5362

Membership Advantage

Empower-U Course Guide

Financial Wellness Guide

Insight Financial Associates

Naomi D'Agostino
(216) 408-8585

Robert Routson
(440) 823-0498


Financial Wellness

50-20-30 Calculator

Suggested Applications:

Mobile: Mint, Acorns, You Need a Budget, Pocket Guard, and Prism

Desktop: Quicken Premier, Moneydance, Quicken Starter, Banktivity, and CountAbout


PNC Bank

Chris Olson, Financial Wellness Consultant

(216) 222-0612 


PNC WorkPlace Onsite Banking Opportunities

PNC Spending Diet Packet

Workplace Website

Workplace Financial Wellness

Annual Credit Report (recommended by PNC)

Social Security


Social Security Scam

Summit Federal Credit Union (SFCU)
Loan, Checking and Savings Products are available to County of Summit Employees, amongst other perks

SFCU Product Information 
SFCU Monthly Special

Tracy Wells, Business Development Specialist
(330) 376-3626 x137

Pre-Retirement Seminar 

June 2020 F.A.Q.

Social Security Presentation


Akron-Summit County Public Library

Locations and Hours
General Information
Digital Library

Cleveland Clinic Akron General Medical Center (CCAGMC) & Cleveland Clinic Wellness Centers and LiteStyle Program

City of Akron Balch Street Fitness Center

County of Summit Employees pay $25/month with no contract or sign-up fees.

Cuyahoga Falls Natatorium

  • Summit County Employees get the Resident Rate (employee badge or pay stub)
  • An additional $100 of an Annual Membership (if not a member in the last 6-months)
  • More information


Jewish Community Center (JCC)

LifeCenter Plus

Orange Theory

  • Corporate Discount for Elite and Premier Memberships (updated 1/2022)

The University of Akron

Affiliate Membership starting at $35.00/Month (updated 1/2022)

  • Monthly payment options
  • Free Parking, Lot1 - East Campus Parking Deck
    • Other lots cost money, but cost depends on duration
  • Other perks
    • Members get free fitness assessment (1 time/year), Equipment Checkout (Locks, Sport Balls, Weight Bands, etc), and free day use of lockers

Membership Information

Medical Mutual of Ohio (MMO) Wellness 


YMCA (Participating Kohl Family YMCA Branches: Downtown Akron, Firestone Park-Akron, Riverfront-Cuyahoga Falls, Lake Anna-Barberton, Green and Wadsworth)

  • Employee Discount: 50% off of the startup fee any time.  (The regular start-up fee is $50) (updated 1/2022)
  • Stark County Residents may contact the Downtown Akron YMCA to sign-up for a membership


Achieve your weight loss goals with our LOSE4U program.

    • 6-Week Program
      Workout 2x per week for 6 weeks (12 sessions) in a small group with a certified personal trainer and several sessions with a registered dietician.

    • 12-Week Program
      Workout 2x per week for 12 weeks (24 sessions) in a small group with a certified personal trainer and several sessions with a registered dietician.

Teams consist of 3-4 people so you can sign up with two other friends or register individually. We will place you on a team based on the time slot you choose at a first come, first serve basis with a minimum and maximum amount required. Pay half of the cost upfront to the County of Summit. If you attend all the sessions and nutritional classes, you will be reimbursed the upfront cost.


The Weight Loss Program

What is the Weight Loss Program? It is a 12-week commitment with 1 meeting per week. Available to employees 18-years or older. The program offers tools and group support to help you develop plans to achieve your goal weight.



Dick's Sporting Goods - ScoreCard MOVE Program
You can earn 3 ScoreCard points daily by achieving one of the following daily activity goals as reported by your third-party fitness device manufacturer to our fitness tracker:

  • If you reach at least 10,000 steps
  • If you reach at least 3 miles
  • If you complete at least 30 minutes of fitness activity

Points are subject to a daily maximum of 3 points per ScoreCard account. You must reach your goal in one (1) calendar day in order to receive your points. The next calendar day, your activity will reset back to zero (0). Earn 100 ScoreCard points for joining MOVE today!


SummitFit North is open 24-7. The South Fitness Facility is open from 7:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. All Fitness Facilities will be closed during the Holiday's, the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday week and special events. 

Once you have acknowledged the Fitness Facility Release and Waiver, available during your online employee benefits enrollment, you will need to request door access. Contact the Office of Information Technology (OIT) through the ServiceNow Portal or via phone (330-643-2013), if you do not have online access.  They will use your 5 digit employee ID card number.  If they are unable to use the ID card number, you will receive a door access pin. Incurred parking costs will be up to the employee.

SummitFit North (189 S. Main Street)
SummitFit South (Russell M. Pry Building, 1180 S. Main Street, 3rd Floor)

Fitness Facility Release and Waiver

County Health & Fitness Calendar

SummitFit Wellbeing Room



3G Core Exercises

3G Squat Exercises

3G Wide Squat Exercises

3G Shoulder Press Exercises


3G Cardio Phone App



BodyCraft App

How to use the BodyCraft VR500 Rower



How to use the Inspire F2

Inspire F2 Phone App



How to use the Precor Elliptical

How to use the Precor Treadmill

How to use the Precor Recumbent Bike

How to use the Precor Upright Bike

Precor App


Precor Site



*Varies by location

  • Agility Hurdles
  • Agility Ladder
  • Bosu Balls
  • Dumbbells
  • F2 Weight Machine
  • Kettlebells
  • Medicine Balls
  • Plyoballs
  • Rope
  • Sandbags
  • Steps
  • Vibration Machine
  • Workout Clocks
  • Workout Mats



BeFit YouTube Channel

Jessica Smith TV

Speed and Agility Workout

Battle Rope Workout

Bosu Ball Workout

Kettlebell Workout

Plyoball Workout

10 Fitness Classes

Chair Yoga

Standing Yoga for Beginners

Wellbeats (Virgin Pulse Members - Employees Only)





Summit Metro Parks - Biodiversity


Akron-Summit County Public Library







Straight Talk About Probate
End-of-Life Planning
Personal Records and Important Documents (Green Sheet)
Personal Records and Important Documents (Yellow Sheet)
What If I Had Dementia?
Ohio Health Care Power of Attorney
Ohio Living Will

Summit Federal Credit Union - How to Save
Davis Vision
OPERS - Education for Today...For Retirement Tomorrow
SSA - Mini Series Presentation
Autism Society of Greater Akron

Autism Acceptance Month

54 Day Challenge

Summit Metro Parks - Planting & Landscaping
Akron-Summit County Public Library

Food Depot to Health
Michael and Veronica Walton

Facebook: @FoodDepo2Health
Instagram: @fdtwoh
Patreon FD2H Website

Summit Federal Credit Union - Helping to Reach Your Financial Summit
Akron-Summit County Public Library - The Library, Cookbooks and much more

Davis Vision 

YMCA - Nutrition

Autism Society of Greater Akron Resources
      Disability:IN Resource Handout
      60 Minutes 
      ASA Employment Tool Kit

EASE@Work - Meditation and Yoga

Pre-Retirement Mini-Series

OPERS: To find "Understanding the Value", members can navigate to the ‘Member Education Center’, then ‘Active Members’, then ‘Jump to’ “Recorded presentations”, it is second item on the list of recordings.

SSA: mymoney.gov, 1-800-FED-INFO


OPERS - Education for Today...For Retirement Tomorrow

How a Members Retirement Group is Determined

Caring for your Mental Health and Social Distancing

PNC Spending Diet Packet

Tapping with Tijana Coso

Nutrition with the YMCA

Summit Metro Parks


Mammovan Paperwork
Mammovan Registration

Tiffany Breast Care Center - Mahoning Valley Imaging
(330) 629-2368
(330) 629-8624


Strengthening Talent by Advancing Wellness
Total Well-Being
EASE@Work details and contact information


Virgin Pulse: Go to your Virgin Pulse Account > Benefits > Medical Mutual "My Health Plan"

MMO Quick Links: Find a Provider, My Care Compare, Who is Covered, Medical Benefits, Health Assessment, Wellness Portal, ID Cards, Prescription Drug Benefits


Program Information 

User and Engagement Guide to Virgin Pulse


WellbeatsPostcard Page 1



Exciting news..In 2021 you will have exclusive access to Wellbeats on-demand fitness through the Virgin Pulse platform! This includes 600+ home workouts, nutrition education, mindfulness classes, and even challenges for all ages, interests, and abilities. Wellbeats’ on-demand classes can be streamed on your personal device to help make wellness more convenient and fun for you and your family. The platform is only available under the employees account which the benefits are under, however, you can let your family join you in your workout. 

How to Get Started with Wellbeats (New User)

Before downloading the Wellbeats application, be sure to use the Virgin Pulse platform for your first Wellbeats login. If you do not have the information available, use your Employee ID as the login. If this does not work, use the e-mail you use for Virgin Pulse. After you went through this process, you can directly access Wellbeats through either platform. 

*The Wellbeats app can be found under the Virgin Pulse"Benefits" tab. Use the "Search" function or select "View All" to browse your selections.  

How to Change Your Wellbeats Username
How to Access Wellbeats
How to Schedule a Class and Invite Others

*Available on iOS and Droid

Phone: (763) 400-8502
E-mail: clientservices@wellbeats.com
Hours: Monday-Friday, 9-5 CST

Workouts (20-Points Daily): Each employee who logs 20+ minutes of workout videos will earn Virgin Pulse Points. This does not include preview plays. Employees are capped to earn 25-days/500 Points worth of classes.

Workout Plans (40-Points Weekly): Each employee who completes a workout plan will receive extra Virgin Pulse Points. Employees are able to use a workout plan multiple times upon completion. 

Profile (50-Points One-Time): Employees who successfully complete a new Wellbeats profile, including responding to all profile questions will receive Virgin Pulse Points.  

Virgin Pulse Point Guide
*As mentioned above, Wellbeats application is available to employees only. Wellbeats Points are rewarded on a weekly basis. It may take 1-2 weeks for your points to show on you Virgin Pulse Statement.

How To Videos
Saving a Class
Moving a Class
Deleting a Class



Metro Parks Events and Programs
Daily with the Metro Parks


The Bike Share is currently unavailable at the Russell M. Pry Building.  They are available throughout the downtown locations, which you can find on the Ohio & Erie Canalway's website.  

Summit Share

Other Locations to rent bicycles


DAP Website

Walking Route Map and Distance

DAP Services

Get Involved

Support Small Businesses

Downtown Guide

Downtown Food Guide

Downtown Shops & Services

Downtown Entertainment


Downtown Events Calendar

Kimberly Beckett, Director of Engagements & Events



Each member who completes 80% or more of a workout plan is included in the report. A member/ workout plan combination will only be included in the report one time (not multiple times as they work towards 100%). A member can complete multiple workout plans, even the same plan multiple times. 


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