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County of Summit has partnered with Virgin Pulse to help us Live Better Every Day! Virgin Pulse gives you the tools to get active, get healthy and get rewarded. It’s easy to earn points by making healthy decisions. The more you make, the more you rewards you earn. The program's 4 Levels are tracked quarterly. Each quarter your game will start fresh and you'll have another opportunity to reach Level 4 and earn big!  Use the rewards to pay for qualified, out of pocket health care expenses such as Deductibles, Office Visits and Prescription Copays.

Making healthy decisions has never felt better. Join Virgin Pulse today to get moving! Join Virgin Pulse at join.virginpulse.com/Summit.  



E-mail: Support.virginpulse.com
Live Chat: member.virginpulse.com
Hours of Operation (E-mail/Live Chat): M-F 2:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. EST
Phone: (888) 671-9395 
Hours of Operation (Phone):
 M-F 8:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. EST
Virgin Pulse Website: join.virginpulse.com/Summit

User Guide

Program Engagement Guide

Earning Points and Rewards
Virgin Pulse Mobile

Virgin Pulse FAQ
Purchase a Fitness Tracker
     Max Buzz
Connect Your Fitness Tracker
     How to Connect Device to VP
Submitting Forms
Checking Points and Rewards
Navigating to Find Ways to Earn (Mobile App)

Virgin Pulse Overview
Once you logged into your account, be sure to create a Profile and complete your Health Assessment (under "Health"). The video navigates through the browser platform, showing you each category. 

Virgin Pulse Connect Device(s)
Log into Virgin Pulse, rollover your profile picture, click on "Devices & Apps" then follow the on screen directions. 

Virigin Pulse Submit Activity
Log onto the Virgin Pulse platform, click on “Benefits” section, select "View All" or use the “Search” function allowing you to find items like the "PCP form" or "Wellbeats" or "COVID-19 Vaccination". Benefits section is available on both platforms. Directions on "How to submit the PCP form" is located on the bottom of the form. 

Virgin Pulse Statement
Log into Virgin Pulse, rollover "Home" then select "Rewards”, "My Rewards" , select the month/year under the dropdown menu and select the "All"  or "Month" radio button. To search for a key word, use CTRL+ F on the keyboard (if using PC), then type the keyword. "Wellbeats" as used in the video. If you have a Virgin Pulse voucher, you can also redeem on the Statement page. On the app, go to "Home", "Rewards", and tap on"Redeem a Voucher".

How to Redeem a Virgin Pulse Voucher
To redeem this voucher, download the Virgin Pulse mobile app in the App Store or Google Play. Log into Virgin Pulse, rollover Home, and tap on Rewards and Redeem a Voucher for Points. You can also redeem at join.virginpulse.com/Summit, hover over Home and then click on Rewards and Redeem A Voucher. Follow the instructions and collect your points!

*Internet Explorer Browser does not play the "How To" videos



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