The duties of Labor Relations include negotiating all union contracts on behalf of the Summit County Executive as follows:

  • Executive’s office (AFSCME Local 1229)
  • Medical Examiner’s Office (AFSCME Local 1229)
  • Department of Job and Family Services (AFSCME Local 2696)
  • Summit County Fraternal Order of Police
  • Summit County Supervisor’s Association 
  • Sheriff’s AFSCME Local 1229 Office/Clerical
  • Sheriff’s AFSCME Local 1229 Communication Technicians
  • Child Support Enforcement Agency AFSCME Local 3885
  • Summit County Fiscal Office- Local 1229 Auditor’s Division
  • Summit County Engineer’s Local 1032 Clerical and Technical
  • Summit County Engineer’s Local 1032 Service and Maintenance
  • Summit County Engineer’s Local 18 International Union of Operating Engineers
  • Summit County Clerk of Courts Local 1229

For the Executive’s office, Labor Relations oversees all matters pertaining to the various collective bargaining agreements including handling all grievances, arbitrations, and bargaining unit disciplinary matters. Labor Relations assists other departments and office holders regarding the enforcement and interpretation of the union contracts and in resolving work place issues.


Executive Office, Local 1229

Auditor-Fiscal Office

Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA)

Clerk of Courts, Local 1229

Engineer's Clerical & Technical Unit Local 1032

Engineer & Operating Engineers, Local 18

Engineer's Service & Maintenance, Local 1032


Job & Family Services (DJFS)

Medical Examiner

Sheriff's Communications Technical Unit

Sheriff's Office and Clerical Unit

County Sheriff & Sheriff Supervisors' Association


For questions regarding Labor Relations, contact Brian Harnak

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