To access the PeopleAdmin/HRIS system, enter

All employees have an account already set up in People Admin.  We ask that the first time you log into People Admin you change your password to something unique to you.  In the Navigation and Searches User Guide are step-by-step directions on what every employee’s beginning password is and how to change it.  DO NOT CHANGE YOUR USERNAME, FIRST NAME, LAST NAME or EMAIL in People Admin.  These fields are connected to Banner and will delay employee pay if changed.

Want to receive notification on County of Summit Job Postings? Sign up for notification using the RSS Feed on the job posting board. Click here for instructions on how to subscribe to the RSS feed.

Below please find various user guides to perform relevant functions in the People Admin system.  Based on your user rights and job responsibilities (Employee, HR, Approver, etc), you may or may not be able to perform certain functions outlined in the user guides below.

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