Summit County's Substance Abuse Policy is designed to maintain a safe, productive and drug-free work environment for all county employees. Substance abuse is a widely recognized global problem, affecting millions of people. The program provides employee education and training on the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol and the opportunity for confidential counseling/treatment of substance abuse problems through the Employee Assistance Program.

The County's Substance Abuse Policy can help detect and deter substance use and provide the procedures to take corrective action when there is a work related problem involving substance abuse.

For confidential help regarding substance abuse problems contact: Brittany Marshall.


County of Summit Substance Abuse Policy and Procedure



2073 Consent and Release Pre-employment Drug Testing

2079 Reasonable Suspicion

2080 Applicant/Employee Substance-Alcohol Testing Request

2082 Authorization for Release of Confidential Information
        *2082 form MUST be completed and accompany Mandatory Referral for Substance Abuse form below

Mandatory EAP Referral for Substance Abuse

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